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google meets links

If I set up a meeting using google meets can I use that link over and over.  Specifically, if I will be see a student or small group of students at a set time two times a week can the same link be used to get to that meeting for the whole semester or year? Can I set up automatic reminders to be emailed to parents before each meeting?

Hi Colleen,

You can reuse the same Google Meet link over and over again throughout the school year. If you set up your Meet links on Classroom, they will only be available to those specific students, but if you just use the Google Meet website, anyone can access those. If you use Classroom, I'd recommend using it to generate your meeting links, so you would wind up with a different Meet link for each class, but it would be much more secure.

If you use Classroom, you could schedule a post in your stream that could serve as a reminder. Alternatively, you could set up calendar invites in Google Calendar on the day(s) that you want the invite reminder to be sent out and include the Meet link and that could also work well to serve as a scheduled reminder. 

Hope that helps!

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