What you can view on EdTech Academy as a guest to the site is only a small sample of what is available to members. With a subscription to EdTech Academy, you and everyone else in your district will be able to unlock and view nearly 300+ EdTech professional development resources. The categories and a sample of what you will find within each category is included below:

Crash Course - A Crash Course focuses on a single EdTech tool and provides a deep dive into showing you all of the features that are possible when using it. This is accomplished utilizing a variety of mediums such as screencasts, documents, and links to helpful websites. Each Crash Course also includes an optional quiz that the user can take and pass and earn a digital badge to show their knowledge gained. 

What is Google Classroom?

Classroom helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication. ... With simple setup and integration with G Suite for Education, Classroom streamlines repetitive tasks and makes it easy to focus on what teachers do best: teaching.

Watch the video below to find out how to create a Google Classroom class

Click here to view a text-based version of the video above

EdTech Tips - An EdTech tip is a short screencast highlighting an EdTech tool. In addition to this, suggestions and ideas for how to use this tool are also shared. A new EdTech tip is posted every week during the school year. 

Surveys - This section contains several different types of surveys that you can utilize to collect data about your technology use in your district. We can customize these surveys for you and would be happy to get them set up, subscribers will just need to contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Click here to view the parent survey

Webinars - This page will contain recordings of all Greenbush EdTech webinars. These webinars are made available exclusively for EdTech Academy subscribers so even if you can't attend the live webinar, recordings will always be available to view on-demand. Throughout the school year, four EdTech webinars will be available both live and as recordings to EdTech Academy subscribers.

Internet and Media Safety Guides - This section contains a collection of helpful 1-page articles created by the National Online Safety group from the United Kingdom whose focus is on promoting Internet and media safety among youth.

Click the PDF at the bottom of this page to download an example of just one of the available articles.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google - We have a dedicated section to each of these three companies on EdTech Academy simply because there is so much out there. Device support, hardware deployment guides, online certification courses is just a sample of some of the things you will find here.

Cheat Sheets - Cheat sheets are typically 1-2 page documents with the intent of providing you with an easy to use quick resource that explains some aspect(s) of an EdTech tool. 

Podcasts - This section will focus on highlighting education-focused podcasts. EdTech, pedagogy, and administrative topics are just a few of the suggested podcasts listed.

Social Media - This section will focus on helping you to build your professional learning network by highlighting educators and education-focused groups to follow. Being an educator can feel lonely, but by following the right people and groups on social media, you can tap into a shared resource where everyone benefits.

Standards - The standards section contains computer science standards for the state of Kansas as well as ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards for students, teachers, and administrators. 

Applied Digital Skills - Welcome to Google's Applied Digital Skills, a free, project-based video curriculum. Whether you or your students need help with basic coding, project management, digital communications, or more, there's a ready-made lesson that enhances your instruction. This curriculum is available for free on their website, but it's hard to navigate and find what all is available, so hopefully, this section clearly lays out what is available. 

Digital Citizenship - The Digital Citizenship section contains links to various websites that will support both your learning about digital citizenship and provide ideas for implementing a digital citizenship curriculum in your class or school. 

As you can see, EdTech Academy is full of content and will continue growing. If you are interested in a subscription to EdTech Academy or have any questions, please contact Ronnie Williams at ronnie.williams@greenbush.org