Welcome to this Greenbush Crash Course about Nearpod! This course includes tutorial videos and links to websites that help to familiarize you with basic, intermediate, and advanced features built within Nearpod. Simply proceed through the course by scrolling down this page and clicking on the various links and videos to learn more about the features that you are interested in learning more about.



What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is the go-to tool for interactive presentations and assessments. Teachers use the site or the integration with Google Slides to create original multimedia presentations or draw from an extensive, growing library of pre-made offerings (many CCSS-aligned and some at a cost). Teachers can upload videos, images, audio clips, and PDF files as well as embed multiple-choice quizzes and polls. Draw Its (students write directly on a slide), collaboration boards, and open-ended questions provide plenty of variety to liven up presentations. Teachers launch the presentation and monitor progress either from the website or through the app. Using the Nearpod app on their devices, students input a code and their names to access content and submit responses or teachers can simply share a link that students can click to join.

With Nearpod, teachers interact with students and view student responses in real time, enabling students to take ownership of their learning rather than passively viewing a teacher-directed whole-class presentation. Teachers can control the timing or launch homework sessions in which students move through at their own pace. Either way, it's easy to see who is and who isn't viewing the presentation, which helps with classroom management and reinforces appropriate use of technology in the classroom. 

Full Crash Course Walkthrough

To help you navigate the video to watch only the parts you want, time stamps have been provided below that you can click on to go directly to that part of the video:

0:00-1:02Welcome and Introduction
1:02-2:13How to install the Nearpod Add-On with Google Slides
2:13-16:13Demo of adding all of the different types of content available 
16:13-18:15Pricing information and using Nearpod's website
18:15-20:00How to launch a Nearpod session
20:00-29:32Demo of what student's see from a Nearpod lesson 
29:32-30:59Accessing student data from Nearpod sessions
30:59-31:30How to edit a lesson
31:30-32:06How to create folders
32:06-33:49Accessing pre-made content in the Nearpod library
33:49-34:32Collaborating and sharing Nearpod lessons
34:32-34:55 Outro


Above is the link to the Nearpod lesson that I created while making this video. Feel free to open it and check out what things look like from the student perspective. 

quality content

Continued Learning and Support

The official Pear Deck Youtube website is full of helpful resources. 

Click here for a link that will take you directly there. 

One of my favorite Youtubers, The New EdTech Classroom, created a video on how to use Nearpod with remote students. You can click here to view it

This link takes you to another of my favorite Youtubers, Pocket Full of Primary, where she demonstrates how she's using Nearpod with all of her students.

Pricing Information (as of 10.28.20)

Link to website where this information was found 


Nearpod is a truly awesome way to engage your student's like never before! If you have feedback about this Crash Course or want to share ideas on how you are using it or ask question, check out our Nearpod Forum here on EdTech Academy!


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Thank you for completing this Crash Course!