Welcome to this Greenbush Crash Course about Flipgrid! This course includes tutorial videos and links to websites that help to familiarize you with basic, intermediate, and advanced features built within Flipgrid. Simply proceed through the course by scrolling down this page and clicking on the various links and videos to learn more about the features that you are interested in learning more about. 


What is Flipgrid?

Full Crash Course Walkthrough

See below for various video tutorials broken down by topic. These tutorials were created by the Flipgrid team.

The Flipgrid Camera

The Flipgrid camera is designed to make learning fun and empowering, connecting your scholars as they share their voice through quick videos including selfie, whiteboard, and screen recordings!

Explore: the Flipgrid camera. Try it out using this Topic. Just click record to get started. Think about the possibilities of how video allows scholars to creatively construct their ideas with and beyond the spoken word

Learn: the features and functions of the Flipgrid camera that allows students to share, celebrate, and showcase their learning and unique ideas in creative ways.

Topic Creation

Join educators from 180+ countries as they experience the magic of student voice. Flipgrid is 100% free for all educators, learners, and families and the conversation simply kicks off with a Topic!

Explore: The Flipgrid Educator dashboard

 How to create Topics to share with your learning community

Discovery Library

The Discovery Library is an awesome resource for finding ready-to-launch Topics created by Educators and our partners that you can use with your own learning community!

Explore: Discovery Library

  how to search, save, and add Topics to your account as well as share your Topics by submitting to the Discovery Library for fellow educators to explore

The Learner Experience

Watch confidence and creativity flourish as your learners record short, authentic videos based on your Topics! Every learner has an equitable opportunity to share their voice and build their knowledge upon the diverse voices of their peers.

Explore: the Flipgrid from the learner's perspective

Learn:  how scholars access Flipgrid through a join code, record their voice in creative ways, and ways to share their ideas with and beyond the learning community

Providing Feedback

Feedback is essential for growth. Educators can leave feedback in various ways including text and video comments.

Explore: Feedback options

Learn:  how to use and create custom Rubrics, ways to provide feedback through video or text, and ways students access their feedback

Recording Shorts

We took the Flipgrid Camera your students love and created a unique experience designed just for educators. Create here, share anywhere!

Explore: uses for the Shorts camera and how to share with your learners

Learn: Shorts allows you to use the power of Flipgrid's camera to easily share quick videos with anyone, anywhere! Learn cool ideas for using Shorts with your scholars!


GridPals are an innovative spin on pen-pals: educators leverage the power of Flipgrid to break down the walls of their classroom and engage students in meaningful learning experiences with peers around the world.

Explore: GridPals - learning from diverse perspectives & see what life is like from a different point of view, sharing a love of learning with others, and supporting others by sharing strategies for learning.

Learn: how to connect with educators from around the globe help students to improve skills, content understanding, increase motivation, help students participate in and advocate for equitable learning experiences, and meet futuristic learning needs.


Educators are better together! Invite your colleagues to help manage Grids using CoPilots!

Explore: the CoPilots feature

Learn:  how to add CoPilots to help moderate videos, provide feedback, and more


Let's make a Mixtape!  Mixtapes are video highlights that are view-only and can be shared anywhere. You pick what goes on your Mixtape (any video Response from any of your Topics or Groups).

Explore: Mixtapes

Learn: how to create Mixtapes as well as ways you can use them including: Student Portfolios, Semester Highlights, School Yearbooks and Talent Show Remixes!

Certification and Badges

Celebrate the magic of student voice! Flipgrid badges are highlighted with each achievement. We also invite you to show your commitment to empowering and amplifying #StudentVoice by becoming a Flipgrid Certified Educator!

Explore: Achievements

Learn: how to unlock achievements and become a Flipgrid Certified Educator

BLAST OFF - Certified Level 1

DIVE DEEP - Certified Level 2

CLIMB HIGHER - Certified Level 3 

Flipgrid Community

Flipgrid's mission is to Empower every learner on the planet to share their voice and respect the diverse voice of others.

Explore & Get Connected: Click the links to follow and explore ideas in the #FlipgridForAll community on social media. You can search for ideas tagged with #FlipgridForAll.



Flipgrid is a truly awesome way to give every student a voice! If you have feedback about this Crash Course or want to share ideas on how you are using it or ask question, check out our Flipgrid forum here on EdTech Academy! This could be a great way to find a local Gridpal too!


Want to earn a digital badge and prove you know how to use Flipgrid? Take the quiz linked below and if you score 80% or above email Ronnie Williams and request your personalized digital badge!

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Thank you for completing this Crash Course! I hope that you found it beneficial.